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Trivium Writing’s Story

Trivium began as one of the few university group projects that went smoothly.

But the backstory first... 

While an undergraduate student, Léandre published his first book and worked at Concordia University’s writing center for three years. One fateful afternoon, a student walked into the writing center office and spoke these shocking words: “my supervisor said my writing is so bad that it’s disrespectful to the reader.” Léandre tried his best to help the student and, in the process, found a groundbreaking way to understand writing.

Not only did Léandre help the student complete her thesis, but he went on to teach the frameworks he’d discovered to more people in all disciplines. From this day on, he has dedicated himself to helping people writers and non-writers with their written communication. Léandre saw first-hand how painful writing can be, how important it is in a person’s career or business, and how schools can do better with writing instruction.

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, where it all started.

“Léandre saw first-hand how painful writing can be, how important it is in a person’s career or business, and how schools can do better with writing instruction.”

Near the end of his degree, Léandre took an advanced composition class, where he met Aris Kalamaras. The two were paired on a group project where a student had to edit another student’s blog post. For the assignment, Léandre wrote the first iteration of the Architecture of Writing methodology and the book The Architecture of Grammar (2021), which Aris edited with care. Later, Aris expressed appreciation for the framework.

It didn't end there, however. Curious about professional writing opportunities, Aris asked the composition professor for advice on how to land editing gigs. “Contacts are everything,” the professor said. “And you should keep an eye on Léandre. He's going to be up to some things.” Aris kept the advice in mind, and both he and Léandre completed their studies in English literature and professional writing that year.  

A few years later, upon returning to Canada from a Fulbright fellowship during COVID-19, Léandre founded Trivium Writing in his parents’ basement. His original goal was to teach writing and make enough money to go to graduate school. But after joining a high-end business mastermind, he expanded his vision, postponed graduate school, and focused on building Trivium into the world's largest writing-focused business. 

A year into the business, Léandre received a message from Aris, who had seen his advertisements for some time. He saw the similarities between what he had edited in university and what Léandre was sharing online. It turned out that the university blog post had never died. Léandre had been quietly expanding the methodology. Aris expressed interest in helping the business, and a few months later he joined Trivium as a Writing Specialist. 

The rest of the story unfolds as days go by.