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Trivium Writing’s Vision

Trivium Writing is on a mission to help individuals and businesses leverage good writing by:

1) promoting The Architecture of Writing, a writing methodology designed to make writing simple, structured, and accessible, so as to create better writers and better communication for individuals and businesses

2) offering a viable alternative to cookie-cutter books, programs, courses, coaches, and ghostwriters that do a poor job of helping deep-thinking entrepreneurs and business owners write books and content

3) leading the world’s largest company dedicated to writing and publishing and building the most comprehensive writing content library on the internet

4) making exceptional writing training, resources, and services widely available all over the world to people wishing to improve their writing and share their insights and knowledge

5) spreading the message that writing (as well as literacy and communication in general) is the key to prosperous individuals, thriving communities, healthy societies, responsible states, and a blossoming civilization

6) inspiring people to become “Word Leaders,” people who change the world positively, by leading themselves and other people through their deliberate use of language

7) raising the writing standard and causing a writing Renaissance in the West, namely, leading our culture to take writing more seriously and to invest more time, energy, and resources in it for the betterment of the world

Trivium Writing is dedicated to good ideas, good writing, and good leadership.