About Trivium Writing

Trivium Writing (formerly Stellar Writing) is a Canadian consulting agency that takes the complexity out of the writing and publishing process. Founded in 2020 by Léandre Larouche, we're located in Toronto, Canada. 

Léandre studied English literature and professional writing at Montreal’s Concordia University, where he also worked at the writing centre. There he realized he could only become a compelling writer and a successful writing teacher if he went beyond the curriculum. He began studying the great writers and philosophers of the past and experimented with new ways of teaching writing.

A few years later, upon coming back to Canada from a Fulbright fellowship during the COVID-19 pandemic, Léandre founded Trivium Writing in his parents’ basement. His goal was to create a movement that encourages wise thinkers to write books that elevate their ideas and to build a one-stop-shop writing consulting firm. As long as Trivium Writing exists, the great thinkers who have been marginalized now have a guide and the resources to write and publish!

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