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About Trivium Writing

At Trivium, our goal is to make you happier, smarter, and wealthier through writing. 

A partnership with Trivium Writing will make you come across as more authoritative, compelling, and professional to your audience. Through our flexible services and products, we can save you time, money, and headaches. We do more than deliver you a service, we provide you with a creative and technical partner.

Our work is good for your mental health and your bank account.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to democratize clear written communication for business and career success.

Trivium Writing aims to make writing easy and accessible to empower free thinkers and free-thinking organizations. We're doing everything in our power to make it relevant and accessible.

Modern society lost sight of how important writing is for success in business and life. In 2017, The New York Times was reporting on the dire state of writing instruction. But in this digital age, we can no longer afford poor written communication. Too much is at stake.

The Trivium Writing Values

What We  Stand For  

What We Stand  Against 




Even the most complex ideas can be made simple. We believe in making knowledge accessible to an audience through structure and succinctness.



We despise the idea of gatekeeping access to knowledge. Academic and corporate jargon should only be used when necessary for comprehension.


Depth and substance bring real transformation to readers. We believe you can be clear and concise while revealing profound truths about the world.



Oversimplification is where manipulation begins. We believe in sharing genuine stories and messages that go beyond the surface level and cause real impact. 



While we give you suggestions, you always stay in control of your message. We believe in you as an author. We’re only here to advise.



We don’t believe in forcing you through a step-by-step, cookie-cutter process. We adapt to you and your needs by always keeping your goals in mind.



You are who you are. We will always respect your identity and worldview. In fact, we encourage you to develop them as they’re your unique advantage. 



We never want to see you go down the path of commonality. We don’t believe in following the herd, so we’ll remind you to be yourself. 


 The Long Game 

Your message deserves the best writing quality and the finest presentation. We believe that long-term thinking yield better results.


 Instant Gratification 

Short-term thinking brings temporary results, and we have bigger plans for you. We want you to succeed over years and decades.