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Trivium Writing

Hire an Expert Writer or Become One.

Writing services, training, and resources for business owners/leaders, professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs.

For native and non-native English speakers.



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“Great writing brings great power.” — Léandre Larouche, author, writing coach/consultant, and founder of Trivium Writing Inc.



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We help you...

1. Understand your target audience



2. Build your style and voice in writing



3. Structure your ideas compellingly



For articles, blogs, books, business writing, sales copy, and more!

We have mastered the art and the science of writing, but we have also mastered how to make writing work for you.

We can help you make your project come to life and make you a better writer.

We offer...

1. A team of dedicated experts



2. A proprietary methodology



3. AI-powered technology



For writing, coaching, consulting, training, and resources!

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