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Writing Consulting Services

Writing Consulting Services

You may enjoy crafting a well-written sentence or two, but when it comes to larger projects—an article, a memo, a report, or even a book—the task can suddenly feel daunting.

That’s where writing consulting comes in.

At Trivium Writing, we provide one-on-one writing consulting to help you overcome any writing obstacles you may be facing.

Whether you need help getting started on a project, are having trouble staying motivated, or simply want someone to bounce ideas off of, we can help.

But first, you may have some questions...

What Writing Consulting Is


Writing consulting is a process whereby a writing consultant works with a client to help them complete a writing project.

This can involve anything from providing feedback on something already written to making suggestions as to what should be written.

Unlike a writing coach, a writing consultant has more freedom to make prescriptions and generate ideas for the client.

While the coaching process usually involves the coach guiding the client so they can solve their own problem, writing consulting is more hands-on and allows the consultants to provide input freely.

In other words, while writing coaching is still a ‘‘do-it-yourself’’ process, writing consulting is more of a ‘‘done-with-you.’’

If you feel stuck in your writing, your writing consultant could help you edit, reshape, or rewrite your piece so you can solve the writing problem you are facing.


A writing consultant is also someone who enlightens you about your work's hidden gems.

If you are seeking to publish your work, your writing must be commercially viable.

Your writing consultant can help you with these steps, such as:

  • craft a compelling book title and blurb to maximize your work's commercial value.

  • create a book proposal develop a structured outline to help you write you write the best book you can and land a publisher.

  • find and polish your ideas to make your work as bulletproof as it can be.

A good writing consultant is someone with a peripheral vision who can smell opportunities for the client.

With such a vision, they advise clients as to what they should do that would take their life to the next level with their writing. 

How Writing Consulting Works

Writing consultants typically work on an hourly basis and will meet with you via phone or videoconference.

They will answer any and all questions you have about writing and publishing, so long as it is within their area of expertise. Sessions typically run for an hour and cover a variety of topics decided by the consultant and the client. 

With Trivium Writing, the first step is to schedule a free initial consultation. During this meeting, you'll discuss your project in detail and what your specific needs are and determine: 

  1. If writing consulting is right for you: you may, after all, benefit more from writing coaching or revision/editing.

  2. What you want to take away: you likely have specific outcomes you wish to achieve through writing consulting, so we need to get on the same page.

  3. What a plan of action should look like: writing consulting alone isn't enough if you don't have an action plan to achieve your writing goals. We'll help you create one!

Writing consulting is a fully customized experience and Trivium Writing excels at getting clients results through high-value writing consulting. In a few sessions only, you could find yourself with ten times more clarity, confidence, and competence in your writing communication.

It is hard to overestimate the value of sharing your ideas with a communication professional and seeing these ideas reflected back to you even more clearly.

Who Needs Writing Consulting

If you are working on a writing project and find yourself feeling stuck, uncertain, or simply need some extra help to get it done, writing consulting may be right for you. While anyone working on a writing project could hire a writing consultant, people who tend to hire writing consultants include:

  • authors
  • aspiring authors
  • academics
  • business owners
  • business leaders
  • business professionals
  • bloggers
  • c-suite executives
  • students
  • founders
  • journalists
  • writers

No matter who you are or what your writing goals may be, a writing consultant can help you make sense of your ideas, your process, and your goals. Writing consultants can help you at any stage of the writing process, whether you are just getting started or are already well on your way.

If you're interested in learning more about writing consulting and how it can help you with your writing projects, contact us today. We would be happy to chat with you about your needs and see if writing consulting is right for you.




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Why You Need Writing Consulting

Writing consulting is a great way to get started on a writing project, fix any writing problem you may be facing, and help you strategize for your writing. If you are feeling stuck in your writing or don't know where to start, a writing consultant can help you get unstuck and in the right direction.

Ultimately, writing consultants are problem-solvers in the writing space. You can use them at any point in your writing journey, and their knowledge will always serve you well. After all, even the world's best writers need advice—many of them use writing coaches and consultants.

Trivium Writing particularly excels at the art of pushing clients' intellectual abilities and getting them to produce their very best work. If you are writing a book or anything substantial, you should definitely hire a writing consultant to get some feedback on your process, your work, your ideas, and your style. A writing consultant will save you hours of research and potential mistakes from getting the wrong information.

If you are ready to improve your writing skills and take your writing to the next level, contact us today to learn more about our writing coaching services and our Architecture of Writing methodology.


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