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Done-for-You Services

We do more than deliver you a service, we provide you with a creative and technical partner. Whether you're looking for professional writing, editing, or proofreading, we have the solution you need.


If you or your organization require written materials but do not have the time to produce them yourself or in-house, our team of experienced writers and editors will be pleased to produce these assets for you, following your specific criteria and guidelines.

Our writing services are perfect for you if you want to publish high-quality content while saving time and resources. We will preserve the integrity of your voice while communicating your message effectively and achieving your writing goals.

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Revision Services

The first draft of any writing project is the first step toward reaching your writing goals. But a first draft requires revision—high-level, content-based changes to make the text clear, concise, and engaging. Trivium Writing can help you revise your first draft.

Our revision services are perfect for you if you have a writing project that needs a second opinion and some hands-on work. We will not only make sure you achieve your set objectives, but we will also make the changes ourselves while preserving the text's integrity.

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Good writing is good editing. If you have already revised materials, documents, or manuscripts that need polishing, consider our editing services. We will take your writing to the next level by ensuring every sentence is perfect and every word important.

Our editing services are perfect for you if you seek improvement at the level of grammar and punctuation, syntax and structure, and overall tone and style. Our experienced editors will help you reach your goal with the level of editing appropriate for your specific project.

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Is your piece of writing ready for publication but you want to make sure it is flawless before making it publicly available? If so, you are in need of proofreading—a final round of editing that focuses on misspelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency.

Proofreading services are perfect for you if your writing was already revised and edited, and you only need to make sure it is flawless before publication. We will make sure that your writing is impeccable at every level so that your audience regards you with respect.

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Translation Services

Are you seeking to expand your audience by translating or localizing your book, content, or materials? Translation is an excellent way to increase your reach, influence, and revenues as it allows you to tap into new markets hungry for your products or message.

Our translation services are perfect for you if you have already existing material you would like translated from English to French, French to English, English to Spanish, or Spanish to English. We may also be able to accomodate other languages depending on your project. 

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