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About Trivium Writing

Writing is one of the most underappreciated crafts in the world, and we're on a mission to change that. Written communication matters more than ever in today's globalized world. It's an asset that not only improves entire organizations but that also improves people's lives—in a major way.

We often forget that our success in life and business relies on the quality of our communication. And the written word is by far the type of communication that matters the most as it formalizes thoughts and travels online. Writing, with the right approach, is a sure vehicle for success in business and in life.  

At Trivium, we're motivated by our ability to connect the world and help people grow. It's why we've never given up in the face of adversity. We are creating a strong written culture for the twenty-first century, which we desperately need. We are challenging the status quo with a fresh, engaging writing methodology. 

We need writing to communicate ideas, understand each other, and grow our careers and businesses. Sadly, most mainstream institutions and organizations haven't been up to the task. From teaching to executing, the state of writing has been dire... but no more! Trivium is in the market to fill this gap.