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Creative Writing Coaching Services

Whether you're penning a novel, short story, or exploring the realms of fiction, our creative writing coaching services are designed to nurture your unique voice and storytelling prowess.

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Are your creative ideas waiting to be penned down?

Looking for guidance to refine your storytelling and bring your characters to life?

A creative writing coach is your key to unlocking your story's potential.

Creative writing is an art that combines imagination, experience, and skill. It's a journey into self-expression and narrative craft.

For aspiring authors, poets, and storytellers, Trivium Writing provides the guidance to explore and excel in this vibrant art form.

What Creative Writing Coaching Is

Creative Writing Coaching is your personal journey into the heart of storytelling.

A Trivium Writing Coach helps you:

  • Find and hone your unique writer's voice.

  • Develop compelling characters and immersive worlds.

  • Structure your narrative for maximum impact and engagement.

Our coaching is a balanced blend of creative freedom and practical techniques, ensuring a fruitful and enjoyable writing journey.

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What Creative Writing Coaching Is Not


Creative writing coaching is more than just editing or proofreading.

These are crucial final steps, but our coaching is about nurturing your creative instincts and narrative skills.

Rather than just correcting your work, we aim to cultivate your ability to craft captivating stories from scratch.

Many budding writers miss the chance to truly develop their creative potential by skipping coaching.

Unlike consultants who provide ready answers, our coaches encourage you to delve into your imagination and discover your own storytelling path.

Creative Writing Coaching: How it Works

Our coaching is dedicated to enhancing your narrative skills.

Together with your coach, you'll set creative goals and devise a plan to achieve them. They'll offer insights into your writing, help navigate creative blocks, and suggest ways to enrich your storytelling.

Trivium Writing’s The Architecture of Writing method is particularly effective for creative writing. It breaks down storytelling into understandable elements, making the craft accessible to everyone, even those who don't feel innately creative.

With our method, you'll see significant improvements in your storytelling and gain confidence in your creative abilities, applicable across all your writing endeavors.


The beauty of The Architecture of Writing is that it boils down writing to its fundamentals. It wastes no time on unnecessary concepts, nor does it use obscure grammatical jargon. Instead, it uses clear, engaging analogies that make sense and meets learners exactly where they are.

With The Architecture of Writing, coachees improve their skills significantly in less than a month and gain incredible confidence in their abilities. They can take their learning not only to the project they are currently working on but to any other writing projects they might ever endeavor.

Why Use Creative Writing Coaching Services?

Individuals from a spectrum of backgrounds are drawn to our Creative Writing Coaching, each seeking to enrich their lives through the art of storytelling.

Here's why they embark on this transformative journey:

  • To Ignite Long-Held Dreams: For those with a story idea that's been a silent companion over the years, our coaching provides the spark to bring these narratives to life, turning dreams into tangible, engaging stories.

  • To Connect Deeply with Characters: Crafting rich, believable characters is not just about writing; it's about forming an emotional bond with imaginary beings. Our coaching helps you delve into the psyche of your characters, making them resonate with readers and, more importantly, with yourself.

  • To Weave Compelling Narratives: Structuring a narrative is like composing a symphony – it requires rhythm, harmony, and impact. Our coaching helps you orchestrate your story for maximum emotional resonance, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

  • To Discover and Honor Your Unique Voice: Finding and nurturing your unique voice can be a profound journey of self-discovery. Our coaching not only helps you stand out in the literary landscape but also fosters a deeper understanding of your personal and creative identity.

  • To Build Confidence in Your Craft: Developing confidence in your creative writing is a journey towards self-empowerment. Our coaching transforms doubt into certainty, fear into boldness, helping you embrace your writer's identity with pride and conviction.

  • To Experience the Power of Constructive Feedback: Receiving insightful, constructive feedback is not just about improving your writing. It's an opportunity to view your work through new lenses, to grow and evolve not just as a writer but as a storyteller with a unique perspective on the world.

  • To Embark on a Journey of Personal Fulfillment: Writing creatively is more than an artistic endeavor; it's a path to personal fulfillment. Our coaching enables you to explore and express your inner world, bringing a sense of accomplishment and joy that transcends the pages.

  • To Foster Emotional Expression and Healing: Creative writing can be a powerful tool for emotional expression and healing. Our coaching provides a safe and nurturing space for you to explore and articulate deep-seated emotions, aiding in personal catharsis and emotional well-being.

  • To Connect with a Community of Like-Minded Souls: Engaging in creative writing coaching connects you with a community of fellow writers. This not only enriches your writing experience but also offers a sense of belonging and mutual inspiration.

The benefits of using creative writing coaching services are many:

    1. Unleashed Imagination: Free your mind to explore new worlds, ideas, and characters, enhancing your creative capacity and bringing joy to your writing journey.

    2. Enhanced Emotional Expression: Discover a profound medium for expressing your deepest emotions, thoughts, and experiences, leading to personal catharsis and emotional healing.

    3. Deeper Self-Understanding: Uncover facets of your personality and experiences through the act of creating characters and narratives, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself.

    4. Elevated Artistic Satisfaction: Experience the fulfillment that comes from creating a piece of art, whether it's a poem, a short story, or a novel, and the pride in seeing your vision come to life.

    5. Improved Mental Well-being: Engage in creative writing as a therapeutic practice, reducing stress and finding solace in the act of storytelling.

    6. Expanded Creative Network: Connect with a community of fellow writers and creatives, opening up opportunities for collaboration, feedback, and inspiration.

    7. Recognition and Validation: Achieve recognition for your creative work, whether through publishing, readings, or sharing with peers, validating your efforts and talent.

    8. Boost in Confidence: Gain confidence in your creative abilities, overcoming self-doubt and fear of judgment, and embracing your unique voice.

    9. Enhanced Communication Skills: Develop a stronger grasp of language and storytelling techniques, improving your overall communication skills in both personal and professional contexts.

    10. Personal Growth and Resilience: Grow as an individual through the challenges and triumphs of the creative process, building resilience and determination.

    11. Cultural and Social Awareness: Explore diverse perspectives and cultures through your writing, fostering empathy and a broader understanding of the world.

    12. Increased Empathy and Understanding: Develop deeper empathy and understanding by creating and inhabiting characters with varied backgrounds and experiences.

    13. Discovering New Passions and Interests: Uncover new interests and passions as your writing takes you through different genres, historical periods, and viewpoints.

    14. Joy of Sharing Stories: Experience the joy and excitement of sharing your stories with others, impacting their emotions and perspectives.

Trivium Writing's Creative Writing Coaching Services

Our Creative Writing Coaching is personalized to meet the unique creative challenges and aspirations of each writer. We delve into your imaginative realm, helping you bring your stories and characters to vivid life.

Our coaching philosophy centers on nurturing your individual creativity and storytelling skill. We believe in the transformative power of stories and the importance of a unique voice in the literary world.

At Trivium, creative writing coaching is a dialogue between your imagination and our expertise. We understand that creative challenges often stem from how we approach the art of storytelling. Our goal is to unlock your potential to weave narratives that captivate and resonate.

By choosing Trivium Writing, you invest in a future enriched by improved creative skills, profound storytelling, and a profound personal sense of accomplishment.

Our approach is individualized, moving away from generic advice to provide targeted guidance specific to your creative projects and hurdles. We focus not just on the 'what' but also the 'how' and 'why' of storytelling, equipping you with tools to navigate through various genres and styles.

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Why Choose Trivium Writing for Creative Writing Coaching

Trivium values the unique creative process of each writer.

We blend our exclusive storytelling methodology with a deep respect for your creative aspirations. Our coaching is about nurturing, not imposing predefined ideas.

Our sessions are designed to provoke deeper thinking and exploration about your narrative and characters, guided by the principle that "the quality of your outcomes depends on the quality of your questions."

To learn more about the transformative power of a creative writing coach and how to embark on this journey, reach out.

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Meet your Trivium Writing Coach

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Leandre Larouche is your Trivium Writing Coach

Leandre Larouche is a writer, writing coach, and consultant.

Working from Toronto most of the time, Leandre is the driving force behind Trivium Writing Inc. and the creator of The Architecture of Writing method.

Leandre's writing interests include philosophy, politics, and personal development, but he also writes about business, writing, and communication. His style blends simplicity and substance. 

Leandre is not only a prolific author but also a trusted advisor on the art of writing. In addition to contributing to over 20 books, has helped 2,455+ individuals worldwide through his books, courses, coaching/consulting, and speaking.

Leandre is a staunch advocate for individual freedom and self-expression, a philosophy that underpins Trivium Writing Inc. at every level.

His mission is to solve the most intricate communication, writing, and publishing challenges for free thinkers and forward-thinking organizations worldwide.

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