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Memoir Writing Coaching Services

Whether you're capturing life experiences, preserving family history, or sharing your personal journey, our coaching is crafted to help you tell your story with authenticity and impact.


Do you have a life story that you're eager to share with the world?

Seeking guidance on how to weave your experiences into a compelling memoir?

A Memoir Writing Coach is your guide to crafting a powerful and resonant personal narrative.

Memoir writing is an art that requires honesty, introspection, and a delicate balance between the personal and the universal. It's not just about recounting events; it's about connecting with readers through shared human experiences.

At Trivium Writing, we provide the support and expertise you need to navigate this deeply rewarding genre.

What Memoir Writing Coaching Is

Memoir Writing Coaching is a personalized process designed to help you tell your unique story.

Memoir writing coaching helps you:

  • Unearthing and organizing your life experiences.

  • Finding your authentic voice to connect with readers.

  • Crafting a narrative that is both personal and universally relatable.

Our coaching offers a balance of emotional support and practical writing strategies, ensuring your memoir is engaging, truthful, and poignant.


What Memoir Writing Coaching Is Not


Memoir writing coaching is more than just editing or proofreading a manuscript.

While these are important aspects of finalizing your memoir, our coaching focuses on helping you dig deep into your memories, emotions, and experiences.

We aim to guide you in telling your story in a way that resonates with both you and your readers, beyond just the grammatical and structural correctness.

Our coaching fills this gap, providing you with the tools and insights necessary to create a memoir that is both reflective and captivating.

Memoir Writing Coaching: How it Works


Our coaching is committed to helping you become a confident and expressive memoirist.

Together with your coach, you'll set clear goals for your memoir and devise a plan to achieve them. They'll offer insights into your narrative, help you tackle emotional and writing challenges, and suggest ways to enhance your storytelling.

Trivium Writing’s Architecture of Writing method is especially effective for memoir writing. It helps you structure your life stories and experiences into a coherent and engaging narrative, making the writing process accessible and manageable.

With our method, you'll see significant improvements in your storytelling skills and gain the confidence to share your life story with honesty and eloquence.

The beauty of The Architecture of Writing is that it boils down writing to its fundamentals. It wastes no time on unnecessary concepts, nor does it use obscure grammatical jargon. Instead, it uses clear, engaging analogies that make sense and meets learners exactly where they are.

With The Architecture of Writing, coachees improve their skills significantly in less than a month and gain incredible confidence in their abilities. They can take their learning not only to the project they are currently working on but to any other writing projects they might ever endeavor.

Why Use Memoir Writing Coaching Services

Our Memoir Writing Coaching attracts individuals for a multitude of deeply significant reasons, each playing a vital role in their journey of self-expression and storytelling:

  • Capturing Life Experiences: Our coaching provides the tools and guidance to capture and articulate life experiences in a manner that transcends mere recounting. We help you weave your memories into a narrative that is both meaningful and captivating, ensuring your story is not just told, but felt.

  • Navigating Memoir Complexities: Tackle the complexities of memoir writing, from delving into past memories to developing overarching themes. Our coaching supports you in this intricate process, helping you to organize and present your life experiences in a way that is coherent and engaging.

  • Connecting with Readers: Learn to convey your personal journey in a manner that deeply connects with and resonates with readers. We guide you in crafting a narrative that strikes a chord with others, turning personal experiences into universal truths and shared human conditions.

  • Finding Your Unique Storytelling Voice: Discover and harness your unique voice as a storyteller. Our coaching helps you explore and refine your individual writing style, enabling you to express your story authentically and powerfully.

  • Receiving Tailored, Impactful Feedback: Benefit from professional feedback aimed at enhancing both the narrative structure and emotional depth of your memoir. Our coaching provides insightful critiques and suggestions that refine your storytelling, ensuring your memoir reaches its fullest potential.

  • Emotional Healing and Closure: Engage in the therapeutic process of memoir writing. Our coaching not only guides you in the art of storytelling but also supports you through the emotional journey, often leading to healing and closure.


  • Building Confidence in Writing: Gain confidence in your ability to write and share your story. Our coaching empowers you with the skills and reassurance needed to approach memoir writing with courage and conviction.

  • Honoring Your Legacy: Create a written legacy that captures the essence of your experiences. Our coaching aids you in crafting a memoir that serves as a lasting testament to your life and the lessons learned along the way.

  • Enhancing Self-Understanding: Delve into self-reflection and gain a deeper understanding of your life and the events that shaped you. Our coaching encourages introspection, leading to profound self-discovery. 

  • Connecting Generations: Craft a memoir that serves as a bridge between generations, providing insights and understanding to family, friends, and future generations about your life's journey.

  • Gaining Perspective on Life Events: Obtain a broader perspective on significant life events. Our coaching helps you view your experiences through a different lens, often leading to new insights and understandings.

  • Developing Resilience: Writing a memoir can be a testament to resilience. Our coaching guides you in expressing the challenges you've overcome, showcasing your strength and perseverance.

  • Inspiring Others: Your memoir can serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement to others facing similar life experiences, offering hope and solidarity.

  • Achieving a Sense of Accomplishment: Completing a memoir is a remarkable achievement. Our coaching leads you to this significant milestone, providing a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Trivium Writing's Writing Coaching Services

Our Memoir Writing Coaching is tailored to the individual stories and goals of each writer. We delve into your personal history, assisting you in shaping your experiences into a narrative that captures the essence of your journey.

Our approach emphasizes the power of personal storytelling while providing expert guidance on narrative structure and expression. We believe in the transformative power of memoirs – both for the writer and the reader – and in the importance of authenticity and emotional truth in this genre.

At Trivium, memoir writing coaching is a collaborative process that nurtures your storytelling abilities. We understand the unique challenges of memoir writing and offer tools and strategies to overcome them, helping you create a memoir that is not only reflective but also impactful.

By choosing Trivium Writing, you invest in your legacy as a storyteller. You gain not just a completed memoir but also improved writing skills, deeper self-understanding, and a profound sense of accomplishment.

Our coaching is personalized, recognizing the diverse experiences and aspirations of memoir writers. We guide you through the intricacies of memoir writing, ensuring your story is not just told but felt and remembered.

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Why Choose Trivium for Memoir Writing Coaching

At Trivium, we honor and nurture each writer's personal journey.

We combine our proven narrative methodology with a deep respect for your life story and writing goals. Our coaching is about empowering and guiding you, not imposing a predetermined narrative structure.

Our sessions are designed to challenge and refine your approach to your memoir, guided by the belief that "The quality of your outcomes depends on the quality of your questions."

If you would like more information about what a memoir writing coach is and how to find one, reach out.

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Meet your Trivium Writing Coach

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Leandre Larouche is your Trivium Writing Coach

Leandre Larouche is a writer, writing coach, and consultant.

Working from Toronto most of the time, Leandre is the driving force behind Trivium Writing Inc. and the creator of The Architecture of Writing method.

Leandre's writing interests include philosophy, politics, and personal development, but he also writes about business, writing, and communication. His style blends simplicity and substance. 

Leandre is not only a prolific author but also a trusted advisor on the art of writing. In addition to contributing to over 20 books, has helped 2,455+ individuals worldwide through his books, courses, coaching/consulting, and speaking.

Leandre is a staunch advocate for individual freedom and self-expression, a philosophy that underpins Trivium Writing Inc. at every level.

His mission is to solve the most intricate communication, writing, and publishing challenges for free thinkers and forward-thinking organizations worldwide.

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