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Nonfiction Writing Coaching Services

Whether you're aiming to write compelling biographies, enlightening self-help books, or insightful academic works, our coaching is designed to elevate your nonfiction writing to new heights.

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Are you passionate about sharing knowledge, ideas, or real-life stories through nonfiction writing?

Looking for expert guidance to effectively structure your work and engage your readers?

A Nonfiction Writing Coach is your ally in communicating complex ideas with clarity and impact.

Nonfiction writing requires a blend of accuracy, clarity, and engagement. It requires presenting facts, arguments, and ideas in a way that is not only informative but also captivating.

At Trivium Writing, we provide the expertise and support you need to excel in this diverse and impactful genre.

What Nonfiction Writing Coaching Is

Nonfiction Writing Coaching is a tailored journey to enhance your factual storytelling skills.

A Trivium Writing Coach assists you in:

  • Researching and organizing your material to present a coherent argument or narrative.

  • Developing a clear and engaging writing style suited to your subject matter.

  • Crafting a narrative that informs, persuades, and retains reader interest.

Our coaching balances in-depth research and factual accuracy with storytelling techniques, ensuring your nonfiction work is both credible and captivating.

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What Nonfiction Writing Coaching Is Not


Nonfiction writing coaching goes beyond simple fact-checking or editing.

While these components are crucial in the final stages, our coaching focuses on helping you to effectively structure your ideas, research, and arguments.

We guide you in crafting a narrative that engages readers and communicates your message clearly, beyond just ensuring factual accuracy.

Many writers of nonfiction struggle with making their work accessible and engaging. Our coaching addresses this challenge, providing you with the strategies and insights necessary to create nonfiction that is both informative and compelling.

Nonfiction Writing Coaching: How it Works

Nonfiction writing coaching helps you develop your skills and confidence in nonfiction writing.

Together with your coach, you'll set realistic goals for your nonfiction project and devise a plan to achieve them. They'll offer insights into your writing, help you tackle challenges related to research and presentation, and suggest ways to enhance your narrative.

Trivium Writing’s Architecture of Writing method is especially effective for nonfiction writing. It helps you structure your work clearly, ensuring your arguments, narratives, and information are presented in an engaging and accessible manner.

With our method, you'll notice significant improvements in your ability to convey complex ideas and see a boost in the effectiveness of your nonfiction writing.


The beauty of The Architecture of Writing is that it boils down writing to its fundamentals. It wastes no time on unnecessary concepts, nor does it use obscure grammatical jargon. Instead, it uses clear, engaging analogies that make sense and meets learners exactly where they are.

With The Architecture of Writing, coachees improve their skills significantly in less than a month and gain incredible confidence in their abilities. They can take their learning not only to the project they are currently working on but to any other writing projects they might ever endeavor.

Why Use Nonfiction Writing Coaching Services

Writers and professionals from diverse fields turn to our Nonfiction Writing Coaching for a variety of crucial reasons, each enhancing their ability to create impactful and authoritative works:

  • Developing and Organizing Engaging Content: Our coaching helps writers to structure and present their ideas in a way that is both informative and engaging to readers. It's about transforming a wealth of information into a narrative that is not only educational but also compelling and accessible.

  • Navigating Nonfiction Writing Complexities: From initial research to the final stages of publication, our coaching provides guidance through the many intricacies of nonfiction writing. We help writers to effectively manage these challenges, ensuring their work is thorough, well-organized, and ready for publication.

  • Communicating Complex Ideas Effectively: Learn the art of distilling and communicating complex concepts in a manner that is understandable and engaging to a broad audience. Our coaching emphasizes clarity and precision, making your work not only informative but also relatable.

  • Enhancing Critical Thinking and Argumentation: Strengthen your ability to think critically and present arguments convincingly. Our coaching enhances these vital skills, crucial for the development of persuasive and authoritative nonfiction works.

  • Receiving Customized Feedback for Improvement: Benefit from personalized feedback that focuses on refining both the content and style of your nonfiction writing. Our coaching offers insights that sharpen your current work and equip you with strategies for ongoing improvement in future projects.

  • Building Confidence in Nonfiction Writing: Gain the confidence to tackle complex topics and present your insights with authority. Our coaching supports you in developing a strong, confident voice in your writing. 

  • Achieving Clarity and Cohesion: Learn to present your ideas with clear logic and cohesive structure. Our coaching helps you create works that flow logically and coherently, making your arguments more persuasive and your narratives more engaging.

  • Mastering the Art of Persuasion: Develop skills to not only inform but also persuade and influence your readers. Our coaching guides you in crafting content that can change perspectives and inspire action. 

  • Enhancing Research Skills: Improve your ability to conduct thorough and effective research. Our coaching teaches strategies for gathering, analyzing, and integrating information into your writing in an impactful way.

  • Preparing for Publication: Receive guidance on the nuances of preparing your work for publication, ensuring it meets industry standards and resonates with your intended audience.

  • Expanding Professional Opportunities: Elevate your professional profile and open up new opportunities through high-quality nonfiction writing. Our coaching can help position you as an expert in your field.

  • Developing a Unique Writer's Voice: Find and refine your unique voice as a nonfiction writer. Our coaching helps you express your personality and perspective through your writing, making your work stand out.

  • Creating Impactful and Enduring Works: Craft nonfiction writing that not only captures the moment but also stands the test of time. Our coaching guides you in creating enduring works that continue to inform and inspire.

  • Fostering a Passion for Lifelong Learning: Cultivate a love for learning and exploration through your writing. Our coaching encourages a mindset of continuous growth and curiosity, enriching both your writing and your personal development.

Trivium Writing's Nonfiction Writing Coaching Services

Our Nonfiction Writing Coaching is customized to address the specific challenges and goals of each writer. We delve into your objectives, assisting you in shaping your ideas and research into a well-structured and compelling narrative.

Our approach emphasizes factual accuracy and clarity while providing expert guidance on engaging storytelling. We believe in the power of nonfiction to inform, educate, and influence, recognizing the importance of effective communication in this genre.

At Trivium, nonfiction writing coaching is a partnership focused on developing your skills as a nonfiction writer. We understand the unique challenges of this genre and offer tools and strategies to overcome them, helping you create work that is not only informative but also impactful.

By choosing Trivium Writing, you invest in your development as a nonfiction writer. You gain not just a well-crafted manuscript but also improved research and writing skills, deeper analytical understanding, and a stronger presence in the nonfiction writing community.

Our coaching is personalized, recognizing the diverse needs of nonfiction writers. We guide you through the intricacies of nonfiction writing, ensuring your work is not just competent but compelling and insightful.

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Why Choose Trivium for Nonfiction Writing Coaching

At Trivium, we respect and nurture each writer's journey in nonfiction.

We combine our proven writing methodology with a deep respect for your research and writing goals. Our coaching is about empowering and guiding you, not imposing a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our sessions are designed to stimulate critical thinking and effective communication, adhering to the principle that "The quality of your outcomes depends on the quality of your questions."

If you would like more information about what a nonfiction writing coach is and how to find one, reach out.

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Meet your Trivium Writing Nonfiction Coach 

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Leandre Larouche is your Trivium Writing Nonfiction Coach

Leandre Larouche is a writer, writing coach, and consultant.

Working from Toronto most of the time, Leandre is the driving force behind Trivium Writing Inc. and the creator of The Architecture of Writing method.

Leandre's writing interests include philosophy, politics, and personal development, but he also writes about business, writing, and communication. His style blends simplicity and substance. 

Leandre is not only a prolific author but also a trusted advisor on the art of writing. In addition to contributing to over 20 books, has helped 2,455+ individuals worldwide through his books, courses, coaching/consulting, and speaking.

Leandre is a staunch advocate for individual freedom and self-expression, a philosophy that underpins Trivium Writing Inc. at every level.

His mission is to solve the most intricate communication, writing, and publishing challenges for free thinkers and forward-thinking organizations worldwide.

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