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Publishing Consulting Services

We help you make an informed about how to write and publish your work for maximum profits, exposure, and impact. Regardless of your goals and situations, we will give you the facts.


If you're like most writers, you are unfamiliar with the publishing industry's inner workings. Many writers are great at their craft but lack foundational knowledge about how the publishing industry works.

You don't need to know it all, though! A writer's job is to write. And that's why Trivium Writing is here. We know the publishing industry inside and out; we are here to advise you and make a strategic plan.

Whether you're looking to seek a traditional book deal, self-publish, or simply distribute your work online, we're able to guide you on your publishing journey and share with you publishing best practices. Our consulting services are tailored to your specific needs.

What Publishing Consulting Is

Publishing consulting is a process whereby a publishing consultant helps a client understand their publishing options, weigh pros and cons, and make a strategic decision. Publishing consultants can also help clients polish their ideas, craft an execution plan, and, where needed, refer or hire contractors. 

Unlike a writing coach, a publishing consultant has more freedom to make prescriptions and generate ideas for the client. While the coaching process usually involves the coach guiding the client so they can solve their own problem, publishing consulting is more hands-on and involves the consultant making specific suggestions.

In other words, whereas coaching is a ‘‘do-it-yourself’’ process, publishing consulting is more ‘‘done-with-you.’’ If you feel unsure about your writing project and have questions about how, where, and when to publish your work, a publishing consultant could help you shape and optimize your work as well as publish it.

A publishing consultant is also someone who enlightens you about the writing and publishing process. If you are seeking to publish your work, there are a multitude of steps to factor in. Your publishing consultant can help you with these steps, which include:

  • finding the best reviewer, editor, and proofreader to polish your work
  • creating the best concept, design, and cover art for your masterful work
  • locating the best vendors or team members to support you in the process
  • lay out a strategy to disseminate your writing and monetize if applicable

Publishing consultants are people with peripheral visions who can smell opportunities for their clients. With such a vision, they can advise their client as to what they should do that would take their life to the next level with their work. Consider working with a publishing consultant to publish a book, content, or thought leader articles. 

What Publishing Consulting Is Not

  • Not Writing Coaching

    • Writing coaching focuses on developing the writer's skills and voice. Coaches work with writers to enhance their craft, encouraging them to find and refine their style. In contrast, publishing consulting is more directive and practical.

  • Not Just Editing or Proofreading:

    • Publishing consultants do not typically focus on the detailed editing or proofreading of a manuscript. While they may offer advice on overall content structure and clarity, their main goal is to guide the writer through the publishing process rather than perfecting the manuscript's grammar or style.

  • Not a Guarantee of Publication (for Traditional Publishing) or Success (Self-Publishing)

    • A publishing consultant offers expertise and guidance to improve your chances of being traditionally published, but they cannot guarantee it. Writers who work with consultants on self-publishing can (and should) expect to see their book published. But consultants can't guarantee the success of a book (in number of sales).

  • Not a Replacement for Personal Research

    • While publishing consultants provide expert advice, they are not a substitute for personal research. Writers are encouraged to stay informed about the publishing industry, market trends, and audience preferences.

  • Not Solely Focused on Commercial Success

    • While commercial success can be a goal, publishing consulting also considers other factors like target audience, personal fulfillment, and the writer’s broader career goals. The focus is not solely on profit but on the overall impact.

  • Not a Writing Course or Workshop

    • Publishing consultants do not typically offer formal instruction in writing techniques or host writing workshops (though they sometimes do). Their role is more advisory and strategic, guiding writers through the publishing phase rather than teaching them how to write.

  • Not a Marketing Agency

    • While they can advise on marketing strategies as part of the publishing process, publishing consultants are not marketing agencies. They may guide on how best to promote and sell your book but generally do not execute marketing plans or campaigns.
  • Not a Literary Agent Role

    • Publishing consultants differ from literary agents. Agents typically represent writers to sell their manuscripts to publishers, negotiating contracts and managing rights. Consultants, on the other hand, offer advice on the publishing process and can guide writers whether they choose to work with an agent or not.


In summary, publishing consulting is a specialized service focusing on guiding writers through the publishing process, offering strategic advice and practical insights.
It is distinct from writing coaching, editing services, and literary representation, each serving different roles in the journey of a manuscript from concept to reader.

How Publishing Consulting Works

Publishing consultants typically work on an hourly basis and will meet with you via phone or videoconference.

They will answer any and all questions you have about writing and publishing, so long as it is within their area of expertise. Sessions typically run for an hour and cover a variety of topics decided by the consultant and the client. 

With Trivium Writing, the first step is to schedule a free initial consultation. During this meeting, you'll discuss your project in detail and what your specific needs are and determine: 

  1. If publishing consulting is right for you: you may benefit more from writing coaching or revision/editing.

  2. What you want to take away: you likely have specific outcomes you wish to achieve through publishing consulting, so we need to get on the same page.

  3. What a plan of action should look like: publishing consulting alone isn't enough if you don't have an action plan to achieve your writing goals. We'll help you create one!

Publishing consulting is a fully customized experience and Trivium Writing excels at getting clients results through high-value writing consulting. In a few sessions only, you could find yourself with ten times more clarity, confidence, and competence in your writing communication. It is hard to overestimate the value of sharing your ideas with a communication professional and seeing these ideas reflected back to you even more clearly.

Who Needs Publishing Consulting

If you are working on a writing project and find yourself feeling stuck, uncertain, or simply need some extra help to get it done, publishing consulting may be right for you.

While anyone working on a book project could hire a publishing consultant, people who tend to hire writing consultants include:

  • authors
  • aspiring authors
  • academics
  • business owners
  • business leaders
  • business professionals
  • bloggers
  • c-suite executives
  • students
  • founders
  • journalists
  • writers

No matter who you are or what your publishing goals may be, a publishing consultant can help you make sense of your ideas, your process, and your goals. Publishing consultants can help you at any stage of the writing process, whether you are just getting started or are already well on your way.

If you're interested in learning more about publishing consulting and how it can help you with your writing projects, contact us today. We would be happy to chat with you about your needs and see if writing consulting is right for you.

At Trivium Writing, we've worked with writers and authors from all walks of life. Our roster includes academics, CEOs, executives, politicians, and more. We know the writing and publishing process inside and out and can guide you on your unique journey.

Why Use Publishing Consulting

Publishing consulting is a great way to get clarity on your project, fix any problem you may be facing, and help you strategize for publishing. If you are feeling stuck in your project, don't know where you're going, or simply need help understanding the publishing process, a publishing consultant can help you get unstuck and in the right direction.

Ultimately, publishing consultants are problem-solvers in the writing and publishing space. You can use them at any point in your writing journey, and their knowledge will always serve you well. After all, even the world's best writers need advice—many of them use writing coaches and consultants.

Trivium Writing particularly excels at the art of pushing clients' intellectual abilities and helping them make the best possible decisions. If you are writing a book or anything substantial, you should definitely hire a publishing consultant to get some feedback on your process, your work, your ideas, and your style. A publishing consultant will save you hours of research and potential mistakes from getting the wrong information.

If you are ready to improve your writing skills and take your writing to the next level, contact us today to learn more about our publishing consulting services.

Trivium Writing's Publishing Consulting Services

Trivium Writing's publishing consulting services are designed to offer comprehensive guidance and strategic planning for writers at various stages of their writing and publishing journey.

These services are tailored to help writers navigate the complexities of the publishing industry and maximize the potential of their work. Here’s a detailed description of what we offer in terms of publishing consulting:

Expert Guidance on Publishing Options

We help authors understand the nuances, advantages, and challenges of each route, ensuring that writers make informed decisions.

Manuscript Evaluation

We help writers refine their ideas and guide them in crafting a manuscript that resonates with their target audience and meets industry standards.

Market Analysis & Positioning

We conduct market analysis to help writers position their work effectively, identifying the right audience and tailoring the manuscript to meet market demands.

Personalized Strategic Planning

We help you develop personalized strategies that align with the author's objectives, whether it's gaining maximum exposure or generating profits.

Publishing Process Navigation

From manuscript submission to dealing with publishers or setting up self-publishing platforms, we guide authors through each step.

Marketing and Monetization Strategy

We help authors develop strategies to market their books effectively and explore various monetization avenues, including book launches, online promotion, etc.

Ongoing Support & Consultation

We offer ongoing support, providing authors with continuous advice and answering any questions that arise during the publishing process. 


Educational Resources

We occasionally offer workshops, webinars, and other educational resources to help writers expand their knowledge of the publishing industry and develop their skills.

Tailored to Various Writing Types

Our services cater to a wide range of writers, including first-time authors, seasoned writers, business professionals, academics, and more, ensuring that the advice and support are relevant.

Our publishing consulting services are comprehensive, covering every aspect of the publishing journey.

We provide the expertise, resources, and personalized support that writers need to successfully publish and promote their work

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Why Choose Trivium Writing for Publishing Consulting

Trivium places emphasis on respecting the writer's individuality.

While we leverage years of industry experience and best practices, we remain committed to ensuring writers publish books that are authentic to them. 

Our publishing consulting services involves truly understanding the writer's wants, needs, and budgets. We are flexible in our approach, aiding in crafting a path that reflects the writer's wishes. 

We love getting to know our clients deeply and helping them publish the best book possible. 

If you would like more information about what a publishing consultant does, reach out.

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Meet Your Trivium Writing Publishing Consultant

IMG_0395 2

Leandre Larouche is your Trivium Writing Publishing Consultant

Leandre Larouche is a writer, writing coach, and consultant.

Working from Toronto most of the time, Leandre is the driving force behind Trivium Writing Inc. and the creator of The Architecture of Writing method.

Leandre's writing interests include philosophy, politics, and personal development, but he also writes about business, writing, and communication. His style blends simplicity and substance. 

Leandre is not only a prolific author but also a trusted advisor on the art of writing. In addition to contributing to over 20 books, has helped 2,455+ individuals worldwide through his books, courses, coaching/consulting, and speaking.

Leandre is a staunch advocate for individual freedom and self-expression, a philosophy that underpins Trivium Writing Inc. at every level.

His mission is to solve the most intricate communication, writing, and publishing challenges for free thinkers and forward-thinking organizations worldwide.

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