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What Can Turn $18,000 Into $18, Get You Sued 100% Unnecessarily, and Take a Company Down in Less than 10 Seconds?

Hint: It's the Same Thing That Can Help You Buy a Penthouse If You Master It.

Writing is the Most Powerful Business Skill—Period. 

Either You Master It or It Masters You.

And It Starts With Grammar... The Architecture of Grammar.

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Become Clear, Confident, and Competent In Your Writing with The Architecture of Grammar.

This book was designed for non-professional writers—people who need to write to advance in their career, business, or life but struggle. This book rebels against academic nonsense and presents grammar in a way anyone can understand. It even makes it fun and relatable!

Without a strong understanding of English grammar, you are at the mercy of your mistakes and ambiguities, you are not as eloquent as you can be, and you can't reach your full potential.

The Architecture of Writing makes writing as easy as it can be, takes your writing skills to the next level, and makes you a compelling communicator!


Clear, Short


Interesting, Relatable Examples


Exercises You'll Actually