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What You Need to Know About Dissertation Editing Services

You're here because you want your dissertation to stand out. Maybe you're a PhD student. Or maybe you're completing your Master's. And you know editing services are the best way to achieve this goal.

But how can you ensure you pick the right service and make the most out of it?

This article will reveal everything you need to know about editing services for dissertations and how to select the best one possible. Are you ready to complete your PhD with flying colors?

Let's talk about this (very important) last step in the journey.

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Your Thesis: What to Know Before Engaging Editing Services

The first thing you need to realize about editing your thesis is that it's different from any other type of writing. A thesis is neither business writing nor creative writing. It is not technical writing either. A thesis is academic writing, which means it has very distinct features:

  • It is research-based. Your thesis is based on years of in-depth research you have conducted in your field. Thus it must contain references, citations, and appendixes necessary to the reader's understanding. A research-based text contains many extra elements.

  • It is formal in style. Your thesis, though it should be written in an engaging way, is meant to shed light on a topic and provide. Its goal is not to engage or entertain. As such, you can (and, in fact, should) use the formal style in your thesis.

  • It is written for an expert audience. Your thesis likely will be read by a limited number of people, namely, your supervisor and your dissertation committee. While you may publish your thesis, it likely won't be read by the general public. So it is okay to write for experts.

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These are important distinctions because different writing types require different editing types. Your editor shouldn't edit your thesis the same way they would a business document. So it is important that you find the right editing service and that you don't hire just anyone.

This does not mean you shouldn't hire an editor who works in different genres. This only means you should make sure your editor knows how to edit a thesis and has experience doing it. In fact, polyvalent editors tend to be the best editors because they understand writing at a deeper level. 

2 Types of Editing: Copy Editing and Proofreading

The first thing you need to know about dissertation editing services is there are two main types of editing you can use to improve your dissertation:

  • Copy editing: a thorough, line-by-line review of your work to ensure every sentence is optimally constructed and flows with your text.

  • Proofreading: a review of your work to ensure the correctness and consistency of your writing.

Which type of editing do you need for your dissertation? The answer depends on your writing skills and the quality of writing of your dissertation.

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Copy editing covers:

  • grammar and punctuation
  • sentence structure
  • word choice
  • consistency
  • style
  • spelling
  • tone

Proofreading includes:

  • grammar and punctuation
  • consistency
  • spelling

Copy editing and proofreading are crucial parts of the writing process. While you can edit your dissertation yourself, you need a second pair of eyes to at least proofread your work.

However, unless you are professionally trained in writing and a native English speaker, you should use outside copy editing services for your dissertation.


The price you'll pay for professional editing on your dissertation depends on how many words your document is and the turnaround time you need. For example, editing a 15,000-word dissertation with a two-week turnaround time can cost anywhere between USD $450 and $1,200.

Exploring Types of Dissertation Editing

Diving deeper into the types of dissertation editing, we encounter developmental editing and substantive editing.

Developmental editing goes beyond the basics, focusing on the structure, argument flow, and conceptual clarity, essential for a robust academic document.

Substantive editing tackles the coherence and logical structure of your dissertation, ensuring each argument and piece of evidence is optimally placed.

These types of editing are crucial when aiming to present a polished, professionally formatted dissertation that communicates your research findings effectively.

Editing Types

Enhancing Academic Writing Through Expert Editing

Effective academic writing not only involves adhering to grammatical rules but it also involves expressing complex ideas clearly and persuasively.

Academic editors specialize in refining your writing style and improving the readability of your text while maintaining an academic tone. They focus on eliminating ambiguity and enhancing the precision of your language, which are pivotal for writing at the graduate level.

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Their feedback can be instrumental in elevating your writing skills, providing you with insights into how to structure your arguments more effectively. 

In addition to expert editing, enhancing your writing skills through personalized coaching can further refine your dissertation. At Trivium Writing we offer dedicated writing coaching tailored to help you develop your academic writing proficiency. 

Dissertation Editing Services: What to Watch For

There is no shortage of companies online that provide editing and proofreading services for your dissertation.

Here are a few other than Trivium Writing:

However, not all dissertation editing services are created equal.

To find a reputable editing company, look for one that:

  • Has experience editing dissertations in your field
  • Will help you with your thesis formatting
  • Uses university graduates as editors
  • Offers a free sample edit for your review
  • Provides a money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Has experience working on theses, including doctoral theses
  • Has served hundreds of clients and delivers consistently
  • Is responsive and replies to emails quickly (within 24 hours)

Moreover, if you are purchasing a copy editing service, make sure that the work is also proofread by someone else. It takes a second pair of eyes to make sure the copy editor does not miss any mistakes or introduce new ones.


When searching for an academic editor or dissertation editor, it's essential to choose professionals who are adept at handling the nuanced requirements of academic disciplines.

The best thesis editing services offer specialized expertise, ensuring that your dissertation manuscript meets rigorous academic standards. This often includes APA editing for psychology or education dissertaries, or proposal editing for upcoming research projects.

For those under tight deadlines, services offering after-pay can provide flexibility without sacrificing quality, ensuring your document is in the correct order and ready for submission.

The Role of a Professional Dissertation Editor

A professional dissertation editor brings more than basic proofreading to your academic work.

With expertise in handling complex academic documents, these editors are well-versed in the subtleties of academic style and rigorous scholarly standards. They meticulously review your dissertation, focusing on enhancing the clarity and precision necessary for presenting scholarly research.

Beyond grammar and spelling corrections, experienced dissertation editors provide substantive editing to ensure that arguments are coherent and logically structured, thus enhancing the academic tone of your dissertation.

An image representing grammar and corrections. The scene includes a computer screen displaying a document with highlighted text, tracked changes, and

This level of detailed attention is particularly crucial for non-native English speakers who must meet high academic standards.

The Importance of Formatting in Academic Writing

Adhering to specific formatting guidelines is crucial in academic writing.

A dissertation editor not only corrects your text but also ensures that your document follows the university's guidelines or specific formatting styles like APA, MLA, or Chicago. This includes properly arranging page numbers, margins, in-text citations, and reference lists.

Dissertation Formatting

Formatting plays a significant role in the readability and professionalism of your final manuscript, potentially impacting the evaluation of your work. A well-formatted dissertation underscores your attention to detail and dedication to scholarly standards, traits valued highly in the academic community.

Navigating the Final Stages of Your Doctoral Journey

The final stages of your doctoral journey can be the most daunting.

Having dedicated years to your research, it's crucial that your dissertation reflects your hard work and scholarly insights. This is where comprehensive editing and proofreading services come into play.

From ensuring your academic tone is consistent to verifying that every citation is correctly formatted, professional editors help polish your dissertation to perfection.


Additionally, services like plagiarism checks and feedback on your academic style provide an extra layer of assurance that your work is not only error-free but also original and ready for submission.

Choosing the Right Editing Service for Your Needs

Selecting the right editing service for your dissertation can significantly influence your academic success.

It’s important to choose editors who are not only skilled in grammar and language but also specialists in your academic discipline. Look for services that offer a blend of copy editing, proofreading, and formatting to ensure comprehensive support.

Reputable services often provide detailed profiles of their editors, including their experience with academic editing and credentials.

Editing Services

Moreover, a good editing service will offer transparent pricing, fast turnaround times, and a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you receive value for your investment and trust in their work.

Selecting the right editing service is crucial, but understanding the broader context of writing support is equally important. For insights into how a writing consultant can further refine your work and elevate your academic writing, be sure to check out our detailed article.This additional resource will help you appreciate the full spectrum of support available to you as you prepare your dissertation

The Impact of Expert Editing on Academic Success

Expert editing does more than polish your dissertation; it significantly contributes to your academic success.

Professional editors are adept at transforming your dissertation into a clear, concise, and coherent piece of scholarly work. Their intervention can make the difference between a dissertation that meets the basic requirements and one that stands out for its clarity and scholarly merit.

Dissertation before and after editing

Additionally, expert editing ensures that your work adheres to all academic guidelines, an essential factor in achieving excellent evaluations from dissertation committees.

The Strategic Value of Timely Dissertation Editing

Timely editing is a strategic component of the dissertation process.

Engaging with dissertation editing services early on can prevent last-minute stresses and ensure that there is ample time for revisions and consultations. Fast turnaround times offered by editing services can be crucial during the final stages of your dissertation preparation, enabling you to meet submission deadlines with confidence.

Calendar and deadlines

Moreover, having the ability to request quick revisions or address any concerns with your editor ensures that your final document is polished and submission-ready.

The Role of Technology in Dissertation Editing

Modern dissertation editing is enhanced by cutting-edge technology, including advanced grammar and plagiarism check tools.

These technologies assist editors in delivering a more accurate and efficient service. For example, software that highlights consistency issues or detects subtle grammatical errors complements the expertise of professional editors.

editing software

These tools ensure your dissertation is not only stylistically and grammatically correct but also original and free of unintentional plagiarism

Editing Services for Dissertation vs. Other Writing Types

Editing a thesis is different from editing other types of documents, including business documents and literary works. Editing a dissertation—or even an academic paper—requires one to be comfortable with the formal style. Most other writing types use neutral or casual styles.

While style and flow matter too in academic writing, clarity of subject and language is more important. Therefore, your dissertation editor needs to focus on the preciseness and accuracy of language so your research can shine. Clarity is key in the academic world.

The best dissertation editing services go above and beyond to help you with your academic writing. Companies such as Trivium can not only you with an edited dissertation sometimes in 24 hours or less, but can also provide you with feedback on where you can improve your academic writing.

Academic vs. Business Writing

Remember that editors are masters when it comes to words, they have been students themselves, and they know the writing process unlike anyone else. As they edit your work, they identify your weak areas, and they are often happy to help by telling you where you can improve.

Advantages of Editing Services for Dissertation vs. Others

One of the advantages of editing services for dissertations is that you can usually get a better rate and faster turnaround time than with other writing projects. For example, if you need a 5,000-word editing project done in two weeks, it will likely cost less than USD $1,000.

In contrast, editing a 100,000-word book can cost upwards of USD $5,000 and take several months to complete. This is because editing a dissertation is usually less time-consuming than editing other types of writing, such as books or articles, as they are generally well-organized and have a clear structure. As such, a dissertation editor can more easily identify errors and correct them.

Book, Business, and Academic Writing

Business writing, on the other hand, can be difficult because it often uses a neutral or casual style, and it needs to be exactly suited to the company's or businessperson's voice. Professional academic writing is not as sensitive to the voice since it is standardized.

Another advantage of editing services for dissertations is that you can usually get a more personalized service. This is because editing companies that specialize in dissertations are more familiar with the specific requirements and expectations of this type of writing.

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For example, if you are editing a dissertation for APA style, the editor will be familiar with the specific requirements of this style guide. This means they can more easily identify and correct errors in your dissertation.

How Much Do Dissertation Editing Services Cost?

The cost of editing services for dissertations varies depending on the company, the length of your dissertation, the number of editors you need, the turnaround time, and other factors. While pricing may vary, there exists a pricing standard most companies follow.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $0.015 to $0.03 per word for simple copy editing. For more comprehensive editing services, such as developmental editing or line editing, you can expect to pay USD $0.05 to $0.10 per word.

An image illustrating the cost of dissertation editing services. The scene includes a computer screen displaying a detailed academic paper with tracked changes

If you need a faster turnaround time, such as a 24-hour edit, you may have to pay a rush fee. The cost also depends on the length of your dissertation. A 100,000-word dissertation will cost more to edit than a 10,000-word dissertation.

To get an accurate quote, it is best to contact the editing company directly and send them your dissertation. They will then be able to provide you with a customized quote.

There are different ways to charge for dissertation editing services:

  • Per page
  • Per word
  • Per hour

Beware of companies that charge by the hour as it leaves the door open for them to take longer than necessary to edit your dissertation. It's best to choose a company that charges by page or word as this ensures you only pay for the editing that is actually done.

However, charging per page is suboptimal as the dissertation may be longer or shorter depending on the formatting and font size. Overall, the best way to charge is per word. Always be wary of companies that charge too little as they must offer low-quality service to justify low prices.

Low-price companies often make fewer edits, and you are more likely to find an error in your final version. Moreover, they likely won't offer support if you are unclear about certain edits. Always leave your dissertations and papers in the hands of professionals. It'll make a world of difference.

You'll see for yourself when you see your edited text!

Trivium's Dissertation Editing Service

At Trivium, we understand the difference a dissertation editing service makes in your academic life. That's why we offer editing services at an affordable rate without compromising quality. We love words and spending long hours proofreading academic papers, books, and other documents.

Through Trivium, which is based in Toronto, Canada, you get access to a real copy-editing or proofreading professional who will do justice to your subject and paper. You have done the research. You have written your draft. Now let us free you of the burden of proofreading your document.

An image depicting Toronto, Canada, with a scholarly atmosphere.

In addition to making your words shine, your editor will help you format your document according to the standard used by your university for free.

We will make sure your paper formatting does not get in the way of getting the highest possible grade. Your editor will also provide a feedback document if requested. 

Why Clients Trust Trivium

Trivium consistently works with university students and faculty members worldwide. From Canada to the United States, the Philippines to Saudi Arabia, university clients seek our service because they love the clarity they get when they open their edited documents.

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As a team, we have thousands of hours of editing experience and a roster of past clients in the hundreds. Our clients include graduate students, including PhD students, as well as faculty members. If you are a PhD student, you will find your perfect editor at Trivium.

Our editing services include:

  • thorough, line-by-line review of your work
  • university-approved formatting by your editor
  • answers from your editor in 24 hours
  • PhD-level thesis recommendations
  • grammar and punctuation editing
  • sentence structure editing
  • word choice editing
  • consistency editing
  • style editing
  • spelling editing
  • tone editing
  • free feedback
  • a team of expert
  • access to your editor
  • secured backups of your draft and edited thesis

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our editing services for your thesis, we will do whatever it takes to make it right or refund what you paid us.

Trivium editing services offers several editing packages for dissertations:

  • Thesis evaluation and editing
  • Thesis editing
  • Thesis formatting
  • Thesis proofreading

Each package includes different levels of editing, from grammar and punctuation to sentence structure and tone. Thesis formatting is done according to the style guide specified by your university.

The editing process is as follows:

  1. You submit your document to us
  2. We assign you an editor from our team of experts
  3. Your editor reviews your document and makes changes
  4. You receive your edited document back with track changes
  5. You can make revisions before accepting the changes.
  6. Our process is thorough because we want you to be thrilled with our editing services.

If you have any questions about our editing services for dissertations, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to chat with you and answer any of your questions.

How to Get Started

Ready to work with us? We will be happy to provide a free sample to show you how we work. First, upload your dissertation or paper you wish to have edited. Second, indicate the level of editing you are interested in. (We will let you know if you need another level of editing than what you requested.)

Third, fill out your contact information so we can provide you with a quote. We will then be in touch with you via email or phone to provide you with all the information you need and process your payment.

We look forward to working with you!

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